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Data collectors

Boreas data collector units are the central instruments of the automatic meteorological station. Their tasks are to organize the individual devices into a uniformed system, to control the measures, to store and transmit the results to the computer connected to it. At required time intervals (stored in an internal device table) the data collector unit sends commands to the sensors to start measures, sends results, sends maintenance information, receives and stores the measure and conditions information in it's internal memory. By a require from the central computer (in the format of event records fromwho-when-howmuch) the information stored in the BCU can be sent to the PC.
The measured data could be accessed over local or remote connection. The data acquisition programs are ready to run under 32 bit Windows, Windows CE-based PDAs and different Linux platforms.
The data collector has a local computer connection to perform maintenance tasks. It can be connected to the central computer with a special line interface (BBU), with a radio connection (on 433 or 450 MHz) or by phone (generic or GSM) modem. In the case of built-up local or remote connection the operating parameters of the data collector can be set by a configuration program running under 32 bit Windows operation systems. The program and the data collector are protected by password against unauthorized access.


- The EcoLogger has designed especially for Boreas Ltd's EcoStations family for cost-effective applications and best price/performance ratio.
- The logger is 2 unit wide and can be fixed on a DIN rail.
- The sensor interface is RS-485 compliant and have an independently controlled 12V power output.
- The EcoLogger has the following communication ways as ordering option: : 4-band GPRS modem / Wifi module / 2.4GHz Xbee module / 868 MHz Xbee module.

- Professional Class for industrial applications, up to 232 sensors - Backup battery. Charging is controlled by the BCU
- Opcional local LCD display
- Local USB 2.0 connection for service and maintenance
- 2 RS232 bus to connect modem, PC's and others.
- 2 RS485 bus to connect sensors, displays and others.
- 3 lines for analog/digital extensions.
- 5 independently controlled power lines.
- MMC or SD card to store and archive data localy. With a 2GB and 2 seconds sampling period data of 390 days could be saved